Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapies

A lot of people have seen medical kits but may not know exactly what they are. They’re just basically a collection of related medical devices packaged and put into an easy to ship container. The big focus with medical kitting is efficiency, getting people the things they need ASAP.

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Efficiency is important in any field, especially medical. When you go to the dentist chances are good that you don’t go right to the dentist’s chair, you hang out with the hygienist while they do the dirty work and check you out to give the dentist a brief on you. This saves time and lets the dentist look at as many people as possible. Medical kitting works in the same manner, we get all the dirty work done and everything is ready to go it just needs to be put together to your specifications.

Just about any kind of medical kit can be put together to fit your needs, depending on what you need. These generally are used for RNA & DNA collection purposes, but again just about anything can be done. We can print out special instructions for your kits as well, just to ensure your customers know how to do everything they need.

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If you’re planning on moving any real volume, it’s far cheaper to have them done in mass then individually. Instead of ordering a batch and just praying you have enough or that you don’t totally sell out is just a money loss waiting to happen, kitting. Small costs add up so much on a large scale, losing an extra dollar per kit can quickly add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you’re moving real volume.

Packing the kit is very important, it has to be done in such a way to keep everything packed tight but also keep everything safe from damage. The faster your kit goes out, the better. From printing, kitting, and platelet-rich plasma Charlotte, we can handle all of your medical kitting needs with great precision and perfect results every time.