Shanti Om Spa Health Stem Cell Therapy Clinic of Charlotte

Stem Cell Therapy Clinic of Charlotte

Finding a Regenerative Medicine Doctor

Stem cell research is a major breakthrough in regenerative medicine. Stem cells are unique among all the cells in your body, as they are not like other cells that reproduce. For years scientists have been trying to coax these special cells into forming and growing into organs, muscles, nerves, and even bones. With new stem cell research, scientists now hope to: Develop healthy cells to treat and repair damaged or diseased tissue (Regenerative medicine). This technology has the potential to revolutionize the health care industry and possibly save lives. Regenerative medicine Charlotte does excellent stem cell work.

Stroke Recovery

Another area where this exciting new science is going is in the area of stroke recovery. Strokes occur when a blood vessel is cut or blocked and blood starts to flow in reverse causing major damage to the brain and sometimes to other organs. Because the stroke victim has no way of telling if they are developing these damaged tissues or diseases, their family and friends often have to take the initiative in helping them to restore their normal functions. Through the use of stem cell therapy and other natural ability to regrow their lost abilities, stroke victims may regain their independence and regain their self-confidence.

Stem Cell History

The idea of using stem cells for regenerative medicine was introduced about 25 years ago and it has been an ever-evolving field. Stem cell research and studies have enabled scientists to show that stem cells can be used to treat and even cure certain diseases and conditions. As this technology becomes more developed scientists are also working to show that it is possible to take the stem cells from one normal patient and use them in another normal patient to help repair damaged body organs and to create new normal function. If successful, this technology may revolutionize the medical industry. It is possible that regenerative medicine will become an accepted and proven form of treating any and all diseases and conditions that can affect human cells and tissue.

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