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Getting Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement in Raleigh

Because hip joint deformities can lead to extreme pain, it can be very debilitating to have this condition and it can often make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Because of this, many people choose to try and treat their condition naturally and safely by doing exercises and eating right. Unfortunately, many natural treatments and methods are not effective or do not provide long term relief and can actually make the condition worse. For this reason, it’s extremely important for those with hip arthritis to choose a hip replacement surgeon that has expertise specifically with hip arthritis patients, as this will ensure the best outcome. Also called total hip replacement, hip joint replacement surgery involves replacing a hip joint through the replacement of one or more of its bones, which usually results in better mobility and better function than those who suffer from complete hip arthritis.

Complications of Joint Replacement

One of the most common complications from joint replacement surgery to replace one or more of the hip’s bones is the emergence of arthritis in the area of the replaced joints. This complication typically appears on the patient’s left side and gradually spreads to the right side of their bodies. Common symptoms of this complication include swelling, a sharp pain that suddenly shoot through your body, stiffness and numbness in your knees, hips and other joints, and a loss of overall flexibility. Anterior hip replacement Raleigh understands how to avoid these complications.

Hip Pain

A small percentage of patients suffering from hip arthritis opt to have joint replacement surgery to treat both sides of their bodies. In order to determine the success of this treatment, it’s important for surgeons to carefully perform the procedure on each patient and look for signs of complications or problems along the way. Pain medications are often prescribed for patients recovering from total joint replacement surgery, as well as pain relievers to help patients reduce their swelling and pain. Recovery from this surgery usually takes just a few weeks, but patients must always follow their surgeons’ advice regarding any complications or changes in their body to ensure the best results from their joint replacement surgery.

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