Shanti Om Spa Massage


Classic Massage
Our Classic Massage is a full body massage with light-to-medium pressure designed to relax your mind and body while improving circulation and mentally up lifting and clearing the mind.

60 min. $89

90 min. $129

Deep Tissue Intense Relief Massage
Our Deep Tissue Intense Relief Massage is aimed to loosen muscles, increase blood flow and relieve stress. Deep tissue massage techniques are well known for relieving pain and restoring movement.

Slow, firm strokes are used to stimulate and revive deep muscle tissue.

60 min. $119 90 min. $159


Athletic Performance Massage
This is a fully individualized Athletic Performance Massage designed for your specific needs and areas to be treated.This massage will benefit individuals and athletes who participate in strength training, yoga, aerobics, running, cycling, swimming, dancing, kickboxing, tennis and other sports.

This massage includes several techniques like Swedish style massage, effleurage (stroking), petriss age (kneading),compression, friction, tapotement (rhythmic striking), vibration, gliding,stretching, deep tissue, therapeutic, percussion and trigger points.

The Athletic Performance Massage is ideal for:

Prevention and maintenance programs
Treatment wear-and-tear and minor injuries that naturally occur with strenuous movement
Rehabilitation program
Improve flexibility and range of movement
Train harder, recover quickly, and improve performance!

80 min. $180


Cosmopolitan Shanti Massage
This healing ritual is ideal for those with chronic tension or muscle soreness. This is the ultimate combination of several massage techniques incorporated in a single session.

The Cosmopolitan Massage includes a deep-tissue massage, sport massage, miofacial relief, reflexology, lomi-lomi, reiki and Swedish massage. This magical combination will leave you relaxed and balanced.

60 min. $125 90 min. $155

Hard Drive Reset Holistic Massage
This Massage will start by balancing your chakras using a crystal pendulum and Tibetan bells. They work by emitting a range of frequencies that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system – initiating a relaxation response in the body.

Combine this with a tension relieving touch massage using moisturizing butters and soothing oils and you have a treatment that offers the best of both worlds- physical restoration and spiritual renewal.

Be ready for a Hard Drive Reset!

60 min. $125 90 min. $155


Exotic Warm Bamboo Massage
This fresh and natural approach combines Swedish and Deep Tissue massage strokes with a beautifully crafted set of warmed aroma oil-soaked Bamboo tools to roll, slide, knead and tap you into a deep state of relaxation.

Customize your massage deep and penetrating or smooth as silk. The combination provides very deep relaxation while soothing away muscle tension and pain.

60 min. $120 90 min. $150

Shanti Taraju Couples Massage
This memorable massage was created to provide couples with a unique bonding experience involving the heart and soul. It takes place in our premiere massage room with 2 therapists and side-by-side massage tables.

Aromatherapy oils are included and meditative relaxation music is provided.

Couples will experience the same warmth and emotions; creating a state of harmonious, vibrational alignment among the two clients.

Although this massage was initially designed for couples, it’s also very popular among family members and close friends. Enjoy a stimulating full body experience with the person of your choice!

60 min. $190

90 min. $250


Hot Stone Massage
This is a full body massage involving therapeutic hot stones. Instead of the traditional use of hands, the massage is performed by rolling warm stones across the body. The Hot Stone Massage can improve circulation, reduce stress and ease tension.

60 min. $115

Lymphatic Drainage/Post Surgery Therapy
Post surgery patients benefit from this gentle technique that stimulates the lymphatic fluid to flow in the direction of the lymph nodes, where the fluid is filtered and then returned to the blood flow.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage techniques help in many ways reducing swelling, discomfort and increasing healing time by encouraging and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

We specialize in cosmetic Post Lymphatic Therapies that will help you achieve both a quick recovery and a natural look.The first post surgery session Typically lasts 60 min and minimal of five session are recommended.

60 min. $85