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Cardiac stress tests are nothing to get anxious about and they don’t take all that long either. You’ll be in and out before you know it, and perhaps the only unpleasant part is the actual exercise.

Your heart needs to be stressed which is why you have to exercise. The most important part of the test. You will get a much more accurate observation of the heart once it is stressed. Cardiac stress tests are the focus of this article. We will bring up both general and specific topics.

Sometimes having to take a stress test doesn’t mean that you have a heart condition. A pipe that is partially clogged up that is feeding a pump – think of that. Well, it’s only natural to assume the pump will not work as well, and it may even make strange noises. Your cardiovascular system is the same. Your doctor may prescribe a test for this reason. Clogged veins and arteries are very common in the United States, something due to our diet and lifestyle. Typically, physicians will order a test that has no reason to begin with. A stress test done on a treadmill during an annual checkup could be what you have to do. This is not a nuclear stress test, and radioactive dye is not involved at all.

United States necessitates medical professionals taking protective measures to avoid litigation at all costs. Unfortunately, doctors will order cardiac imaging tests and stress tests for this reason even if the patient appears completely healthy. Believe it or not, you may not have a heart condition, but you could have heart palpitations and minor angina caused by outside environmental influences. Smoking, heavy coffee drinking and chronic stress can cause angina sometimes. If you’re feeling okay, the author of this article will tell you not to avoid a stress test if it is necessary. Professional medical advice, and choosing the best path, are decisions that you should always take seriously.

If you feel that you are experiencing cardiovascular disease symptoms, a second opinion might be something you will want to get. It’s always better to get a second opinion if you’re not sure about the first one you were given. Being 100% accurate is important, especially when it comes to tests that could be about your life. More than likely, if your cardiologist or physician is thinking in your best interest, they will have you do a second opinion. In most cases, doctors try to avoid being sued at all costs. Physicians tend to agree with each other, so your second doctor will more than likely agree with the first one. You might want to go with a second stress test for imaging diagnostic test just to make sure the results were correct. Receiving radioactive injections during a nuclear stress test is an area of concern for some people. This is an understandable concern even though the dosage is very low. Everybody is, in a way, protected by the annual limits for radioactive exposure which conform to safety standards. In most cases, if you voice your concerns to your doctor, they will recommend a different test.

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